I am delighted to announce that the Andersonville Irish Project has secured some important new research funding thanks to the Consulate General of Ireland in Atlanta and the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs. The support that the project has received from the Consulate since its inception has been second to none. The Consulate have not only assisted with previous research efforts but were also instrumental in realising the highly significant Irish memorial which was placed at Andersonville last year. I am deeply grateful to them for their ongoing support and commitment to the stories of those Irish impacted by the prison. The Consulate’s 2024 travel funding will facilitate a research trip to the U.S. National Archives in Washington D.C. in September this year, which has the primary aim of increasing our knowledge of the service histories of the men thus far identified. Much of this will involve the identification and imaging of Compiled Military Service Records of Andersonville Irish victims. As well as adding to what we can share on the Andersonville Irish Project page, this research will also facilitate the advancement of a book manuscript aimed at further disseminating the Andersonville Irish story. Stay tuned for more updates as the research advances!

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