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Protect Your Vehicle Against Hit-and-Runs, Vehicle Accidents & Save More Money in the Long Run While Getting Peace-of-Mind

  • 1080P Full HD and 120° Wide Viewing Angle

  • Protect Yourself with Accurate Record of Accidents & Vandalism for Insurance Companies & Law Enforcement

  • Motion Sensor, Night Vision & Integrated Microphone Make This the Best Dashcam on the Market!

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Full HD 1080P

Seamless Loop recording

Night Vision

Motion Detection

120° Wide Viewing Angle

Easy Installation & Use

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"I know well enough to never fall victim to insurance fraud."

We have all see the many video clips of drivers who purposely cause car accidents or pedestrians who actively try to get hit by oncoming traffic to extort money from the alleged victim and insurance companies. They may be comical to watch but they are no laughing matter if it happened to you. Scammers have many ways to get you one way or the other.

Think you’re immune just because you don’t live in scam-infested countries? Auto-insurance fraud happens right here at home, too! North America, auto insurance fraud is estimated to cost taxpayers upwards of $1.6 billion annually. And did you know that Miami, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, and Philadelphia are among the top cities for staged accident scams ?

 The AutoVision DashCam protects you against scammers who want to take advantage of you for something you haven’t even done.


24 Hours Parking Mode

Switching on the parking monitor function will ensure that the camera automatically turns on and records when it detects external force or movement. This feature monitors your car 24×7 while parked.

Emergency Recording

The G-sensor built-in will automatically record unexpected driving incidents and lock the videos during a collision so they cannot be recorded over. This helps you from conflicting reports from other drivers, insurance reports, and fraud.

Easy Installation

This dashcam has a compact 3-inch design that will not obstruct your view while driving. Quick installation – simple operation.

Seamless Loop Recording

This feature will ensure your video keeps recording. The oldest, unsaved videos will automatically delete to make room for the current video being recorded.

1080P FHD Resolution

Full 1080 HD camera video resolution. Smooth uninterrupted recordings will give you the highest quality videos and the best experience.

Night Vision

The AutoVision DashCam can capture clear videos and photos in low light evening settings.