In today’s article we are going to review a product from MIRA Safety in Austin, Texas. The item we have chosen to review is their offering, model CM-7M gas mask with MBC-77 SOF filter. You may be reading this and thinking, why on earth would I need a gas mask? Well, have an honest look at the past 15 years and think again, it is always best to be prepared for any eventuality. Needing something and not having it in the moment of need really sucks.


To start the review we will go over what the packaging looks like when you receive it, the box is sturdy and correctly security sealed which is already a good sign. The seal contains information such as the expiry date of the mask and the applicable standards that it meets, in this case EN 136:1998 class 3, which is the current standard for negative pressure masks of this type, things are looking even better. The box shows that the mask is made in Czech Republic and uses standard RD 40x 1-7 TPI Nato thread filters so they are widely available if MIRA is ever out of stock. Mira carries replacement filters such as the NBC-77 SOF that is in this article, we also recommend purchasing the Smoke/Carbon Monoxide filter they offer as well, the VK-530.

Once you open the box you will find the mask in a sealed bag as well as an instruction manual and a canteen with an adaptor for the mash quick connect for drinking water. The mask has a 90 degree valve at the nose area that opens to allow flow of water into the mask. The supplied connection also will fit the Camelback Type M gas mask adaptor so it can be directly plugged in.

The mask lens material is Silicate Glass so will resist scratching unlike a plastic lens mask, this is a huge plus for longevity. Masks are already a change in visual acuity, scratched lenses would make it unbearable. The mask itself is made of Bromine-Butyl rubber, nice and stretchy and conforms to your face well. When you first put one on to test it, don’t install the filter. Try it on and put the palm of your hand over the filter inlet and try to breath in, it should seal and suck to your face. If it does not, readjust and try again until you get it. Then install the filter and try again with your hand on the filter to prove the gasket to the mask seals. If you cannot get either of these to seal in the order we laid out, stop. You may need a different mask size to allow proper function and sealing to your face. Only sealing some gas isn’t much better than sealing none…..

In this picture you can see the mask against another Eastern European country military mask. The competitor has a larger face shield and a narrower chin, but that visor is plastic and scratches very easily. I will chose the glass and the wider chin rather than the plastic lenses.


In the picture of the back of the masks you can see that the MIRA has a mesh cradle that sits over the back of your head that the straps tighten against rather than the rubber like the competitor. Wearing a mask will cause you to heavily perspire if doing physical activity, this addition of the mesh is a nice feature and a great idea.


The mask also has a voice disk that does seal as it is supposed to, sometimes non military issue mask have problems in this are but these seem to be good to go. The disk also transmits voice quite well actually, good job here.

The only negative on this entire mask for us has nothing to do with the mask itself, it is with the fact that it does not come with a Gas mask bag and you must purchase it separately. The mask obviously will not stay in the box, it will go in a bag where it can be taken and go with you if and when it is ever needed. You can buy bags from many places, MIRA sells their own Gas Mask pouch and competitors have many different types, our recommendation would be something like the following offering from Blackhawk, the Omega Gas mask pouch.

To confirm that the mask is the real deal and not some plaything, the mask was tested twice on different days against CS gas after confirming seals as described above and it passed with flying colors. The mask is comfortable, functional and appears to be robust and should last you a long time if cared for. In the event you require a seal replaced, MIRA sells the kits to rebuild the mask.

For us, this mask gets a two thumbs up, it is worth the money to be able to buy a brand new mask rather than some surplus mask from who knows where. This mask will have had your face in it and only your face, that’s a good thing. If you are buying one for yourself, you really should have them for the members of your household as well, protect those that you are responsible for.


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