I am delighted to be able to share the fantastic news with readers that on Thursday 19th October next a memorial plaque will be unveiled at Andersonville National Historic Site to the memory of the Irish Americans who died there and to their families. As many of you know, for quite a while now we have been running the Andersonville Irish Project on this website, an initiative which has to date identified more than 850 Irish Americans who perished at the prison site. Andersonville National Cemetery almost certainly contains more Irish American casualties from the Civil War than any other in America, and as such this marker is particularly appropriate. The realisation of the plaque is due in large measure to the unstinting efforts of Professor Nicholas Allen of the Willson Center for Humanities & Arts at the University of Georgia, the Consulate General of Ireland in Atalanta and the Northern Ireland Bureau. The ongoing cooperation and assistance of the excellent staff at Andersonville National Historic Site has also proved invaluable. As someone who has spent many years working on the impact of the American Civil War on Irish people, this promises to be a particularly special day, particularly given the presence of representatives of the island of Ireland, including Irish Government Minister Darragh O’Brien. The official flyer for the event is shared here- I hope some of you might be able to join us on the day!

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